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Throughout my life I’ve battled with my weight, and have gone through periods of being extremely underweight, and only occasional spells where my size has either been just right, or just a little too heavy. For many people, I guess they wouldn’t particularly see being underweight as a problem, but it really can be. In fact, in some instances it can feel worse. You do feel tired, get burned out easier and even if you know you’re eating right and still not gaining anything, it feels very disheartening.

For me, me issues with weight stem from a lifelong battle with anxiety, depression and being diagnosed with Autism three years ago. There are times when I simply can’t eat, no matter how hard I try, or find that food is just too much to bear, from a sensory perspective as much as anything else. When I do eat, I eat right, and I’ll be honest I did have a fair amount of trepidation on receiving my Chocolate Less Naked Mass powder to try.

Shipping & Arrival

I honestly (and probably rather naively) thought the powder would be in a small jar, and that I’d simply have to mix a very small amount with water or milk, and just take it that way. The jar that arrived was three kilos in weight and the postman and I had a bit of a laugh as he had to help me get it into the house. (I’m small and quite strong, despite my weight, but it was still quite heavy!)

However, once I opened the box and read the instructions and what was actually in the jar, I felt quite reassured what I would be taking was going to actually be good for me, rather than some supplements/protein powders that you take, that are loaded with sugars and other fillers. The company take a pride in really knowing their food, and it’s clear they’ve taken great care to properly source the best ingredients and package them thoughtfully.


  • I’ve slept better
  • More energy
  • Have gained a little weight
  • Skin is looking clearer


  • Jar is HEAVY!
  • If you’re not on a heavy training regimen four scoops of the powder is way too much, unless you are severely undernourished (which I’m not, even though I am underweight).

Overall, I would score this as 4.5/5.

My experience

So I guess the first thing that scared me was the amount the company suggest you take. The jar comes with a scoop and they suggest four of these mixed with milk in a blender. I’ll be absolutely honest and say that there was no way I could manage four scoops and having also read a few other reviews of the product from other customers, some of them had said the same thing too.

I am looking to gain weight, but not huge amounts. So, I did start off with a quarter dose of powder to see how that worked for me. It’s worth noting that even a quarter dose is still 340 calories, which is the equivalent of adding in another small meal a day, so for someone like me that would work very well.

You mix the supplement in a blender with milk (you could also add water if you don’t like milk). Pulse the mixture for 45 seconds, then add in some ice, then pulse again for another minute or so. You simply drink the resulting mixture and sit and weight (pun intended).

I opted for the chocolate version and it tastes lovely – very natural and very much like ‘proper’ chocolate should taste. There is no chemical after tastes and no horrible artificial sweetener tastes either, which some weight gain drinks do have.

I was definitely right to start off on a small dose. Four scoops would have been way too much for me. I’m pretty petite (only five foot three) and generally small built, so it was wise to start off slowly and build up. I used just one scoop, once a day for a week and I think the immediate effect for me was a definite increase in energy and feeling less tired out. Autism can leave me feeling pretty low in energy levels and depleted, so while I’m never going to be athletically full of beans, the extra kick was very welcome.

Due to the natural ingredients in the powder and mixing it with milk I also found it improved my sleep. The extra calcium helps and taking it at night time (well, roughly a couple of hours before bed) meant that I slept better and woke up feeling a little more refreshed than I normally would. I wouldn’t recommend having it right before bed as you’d probably feel a bit too full up. You need to give it some chance to settle a bit!

End Results

After taking it for three weeks I have managed to gain roughly three pounds in weight. Now, I know to some that might not seem a lot – but for me it’s a pretty awesome achievement. I’ve still a fair amount of the powder left and am going to build up to taking a little more as I’ve seen an improvement. I have not used this as a meal replacement, I have still eaten my normal (healthy) meals three times daily, plus snacks and simply inserted this into my regimen as an extra. I’d keep going with it and may possibly try another flavour at some point but have been very happy with the chocolate version.