Airborne pollution, clogged pores and other unwanted impurities. For many of us, we’ve fallen guilty to seeking out the secrets of celebrities and what keeps them looking their best. But aside from the common plastic surgery hints and green smoothie tonics, one of the biggest beauty secrets is the oxygen facial.

Intraceuticals, the Aussie company that pioneered the skin treatment, began using oxygen facials to deliver chemotherapy to patients with skin cancer. Celebrities love them because they make skin look glowing and plumped before a special event. In fact, facials are the third most popular spa treatment used by both men and women, following massage and manicures/pedicures. So, what exactly is an oxygen facial and does it even work? Here’s what Estheticians have to say.

What Exactly is an Oxygen Facial?

Our cells need oxygen to stay healthy and well nourished. Whether it is the constant exposure to the sun, extreme pollution on your skin, or a recently removed tattoo that’s still healing – your skin requires more moisturizing care than usual. The jet-spraying process uses 98% pure oxygen that is infused with a serum, containing antioxidants and essential nutrients. Unlike fillers, which are injected beneath the surface, the substance is gently infused into the skin.

While it’s quite possible for the living cells of the epidermis to be deprived of hydration, oxygen won’t have any effect on dead skin cells. Thus, the process initially begins with an exfoliation to remove dry skin.

How Do Oxygen Facials Work?

One of the initial claims behind this skin therapy was that dermatologists used it for treating wounds and serious skin injuries. However, the type of oxygen therapy used by doctors was hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This involves the process of inhaling pure oxygen in a pressurized space to bring the substance into the bloodstream and speed up healing of the wounds. While other facial treatments focus on the outer skin on the outer skin, oxygen facials work at an entirely different level.

This skin treatment involves three vital steps:

  • Light Treatment – A stick-like light machine is used to infuse oxygen into the skin. This equipment will rotate all over the face to smooth the skin and relax fine lines.
  • Serum Treatment – The next step is to add serum that contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Their purpose is to tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles, and encourage the glowing effect.
  • Massage – The final step is to massage the lotions and creams needed to nourish your skin and its conditions. The cream will seal the effects, leaving you with longer-lasting results. Specialized oxygen-focuses creams will be used to massage, cleanse, scrub, and exfoliate the skin.
  • With the use of an airbrush gun and serum, the procedure will deliver smooth, flexible, and radiant skin. In fact, there is no physical hand contact throughout the process. The airbrush machine slips more oxygen into the layers of skin and injects serum needed to help diminish your targeted skin problems. As a result, the procedure will deliver oxygen to the deepest layers of the skin, resulting in a healthy glow.

How Long Do The Results Last?

In 2006, an Esthetician at the University of California, Irvine considered the treatment as “snake oil.” He suggested that the plumping effect might be slight inflammation caused by compression oxygen, during the procedure. However, other doctors, beauty moguls, and spa specialists embrace the treatment and consider them as monthly “maintenance.” Considering the treatment typically costs around $100 to $200, the effects will last around seven days – making it ideal for a special occasion.

You shouldn’t expect to notice long-lasting results from a single treatment. The oxygen facial is ideal for individuals getting married, prepping for a series of holiday parties, a school reunion, or any other event that requires you to look your best.