Facials Can Be Expensive!

In the End, Are They Worth It?

Whether you perform your own facial, visiting a day spa or are learning about skin care techniques at an online skin care school, perfecting the skin around the face is a million-dollar industry. In any given spa, you can pick from a half-dozen or more facial treatments. Because of the dizzying options, you might wonder if a facial is worth it in the end. Explore the current thinking on this subject as you decide on that next beauty regimen.

Acne-Prone Skin

According to WebMD, a beta hydroxy facial is a smart choice to make for acne-prone skin. These facials are more akin to chemical peels because they include salicylic acid. This substance makes its way into your pores and controls acne to a certain degree. Acne can also be aggravated by spray tans and when you deal with acne on a regular basis, frequent facials can actually fight off the breakouts.

Dry-Skin Issues

For people with perfectly balanced skin, regular facials won’t make much of a difference. However, almost no-one has perfect skin. Dry skin is one of the most common complaints among men and women. Facials allow the skin to be hydrated with both natural and synthetic substances. You might wear a facial mask for 30 minutes or longer, which greatly contributes to hydrated skin cells.

Considering Electrical Current

Although it may sound unusual, electrical stimulation during a facial is beneficial. Professionals send a low current through the skin, which allows the cells to absorb more of the facial ingredients than without the stimulation. As your skin absorbs the nutrients, the facial can have a more lasting effect on the cells.

Skip the Oxygen

According to the California Skin Institute, you can skip the facials referred to as oxygen types. At this point, there is no clinical evidence that supports their effectiveness. Oxygen trapped within the facial’s ingredients is meant to hydrate the skin even further. Although it’s a popular choice for some people, you won’t miss out on any benefits by choosing a less expensive service. A basic facial still has great value for your skin even as advancements continue to alter other offered services.

The Psychological Impact

Regardless of the chosen facial, the way it makes you feel is an important factor. You might feel relaxed during the procedure with a rejuvenated sensation lasting for a few hours afterward. When you feel good about yourself, beneficial hormones flow through your bloodstream. Any facial is worth it when you achieve a relaxed and content state.

Your esthetician might suggest a different facial than your appointment reflects because the professional believes it’s a better choice for you. If you have a solid relationship with this professional, his or her opinion is a crucial one to consider. However, when you’re new to the facial industry, try to stick with your original selection. The professional may be right, but you need time to research the offered service. When you understand the treatment, you’re welcome to change your mind at each appointment.

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