Whether you perform your own at-home facial, visiting a day spa or are learning about skin care techniques via professional training, perfecting the skin around the face has become a million-dollar industry.

In any given spa, you can pick from a half-dozen or more facial treatments and the range of beauty treatments on offer can sometimes seem a bit bewildering and confusing – how do you know what the best thing is to go for, for your skin type? As there are so many different options, you might actually start to wonder if a facial is worth it in the end. Explore the current thinking on this subject as you decide on your next beauty regimen.

How Facials can Help Acne-Prone Skin

According to sites such as WebMD, a beta hydroxy facial is a smart choice to make for acne-prone skin. These facials are more akin to chemical peels because they include salicylic acid, an ingredient which you can actually find in common pain killing tablet, aspirin. This substance makes its way into your pores and controls acne, to a certain point. Keeping the skin clean with a mild soap or cleansing wash is needed on a twice daily basis to control bacteria levels on the skin and help with oil control. Remember, acne can also be aggravated by spray tans and other pore clogging products, so it is best to limit their use during a flare up.

Some DIY treatments advocate an at-home version of a salicylic acid treatment, by taking a crushed-up aspirin tablet and making it into a runny paste with cold water, then applying this lightly to the skin for ten minutes. Leave and then wash off with warm water, pat dry and apply a non-fragranced moisturizer. It is, however, always better to buy an OTC product if you are treating any serious skin concerns such as acne. Acne can also be aggravated by lots of different issues, such as fluctuating hormone levels, stress, drug addiction, food allergies and sensitivities or if you have been suffering from long term illness.


For people with perfectly balanced skin, regular facials won’t make much of a difference. However, almost no-one has perfect skin. Dry skin is one of the most common complaints among men and women. Facials allow the skin to be hydrated with both natural and synthetic substances. You might wear a facial mask for 30 minutes or longer, which greatly contributes to hydrated skin cells.

Spa treatments that include serums, oils and emollient balms will really help rebalance the skin and add a much needed shot of moisture. Cleansing balms for at home use are now becoming one of the major ‘in’ treatments as far as skin care is concerned. Made from a hydrating mix of plant oils and waxes, they can be used alongside a warm, moist muslin cloth to remove all traces of make up and leave skin soft, and rejuvenated, ready for a good quality serum and moisturizer to be applied.


According to the California Skin Institute, you can skip the facials referred to as oxygen therapies. At this point, there is no clinical evidence that supports their effectiveness. Oxygen trapped within the ingredients of the facial, is meant to hydrate the skin even further. Although it’s a popular choice for some people, you won’t miss out on any benefits by choosing a less expensive service. A basic facial still has great value for your skin even as advancements continue to alter other offered services.

Sometimes it is better to go with something tried and tested rather than opting for a new trend that has no scientific backing.


The cost of getting a spa or salon facial can sometimes preclude many people from trying them out. However, you can get just as good results from having a self-care and pampering session in the comfort of your own home. Take into account your skin type and select products based on this. If your skin is dry, you might want to opt for a gentle exfoliating product, followed by a moisturizing face mask and use a good quality facial oil or serum as a night time treatment.

If your skin is oily or combination, opt for a twice weekly exfoliation to control oil and shine, followed by a good quality clay or mud based mask, which will help absorb excess oil and control breakouts. You should still use moisturizer twice daily but opt for something mattifying. Oils can still be used on a combination skin. It is a myth that they make the problem worse, oily skin can often be very dehydrated. Oil controls oil, so investing in a decent quality facial oil to use at night can really help rebalance to skin.


Regardless of the chosen facial, the way it makes you feel is an important factor. You might feel relaxed during the procedure with a rejuvenated sensation lasting for a few hours afterward. When you feel good about yourself, beneficial hormones flow through your bloodstream. Any facial is worth it if it helps you achieve a relaxed and content state.

Your aesthetician might suggest a different facial than your appointment reflects because the professional believes it’s a better choice for you. If you have a solid relationship with this professional, his or her opinion is a crucial one to consider.

However, when you’re new to the facial industry, try to stick with your original selection. The professional may be right, but you need time to research the offered service. When you understand the treatment, you’re welcome to change your mind at each appointment

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