In true Kardashian style, Kourtney has revealed her latest business endeavor on Instagram by posing completely naked, sitting with her legs crossed on a bathroom counter to cover her down below and just a laptop and a teacup covering her breasts. Along with the photo, which also featured a shelving unit displaying beauty products and towels, is the caption, ‘C O M I N G, S O O N @poosh’, leaving a lot more to the imagination than the rest of the photo. So, what is Poosh and why are people already going so crazy for it?

What is Poosh?

Kourtney Kardashian is leaving fans guessing when it comes to Poosh as the website simply says, “Be the first to know. Sign up below.” and the brands Instagram account also sharing very little. Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted that the birthday suit photo shows a reflection in the bathroom mirror of what appears to be Poosh’s website, but this still doesn’t give away much. It’s believed that Poosh will largely be a lifestyle brand, with Kourtney claiming that she wants it to be her own version of Amazon. The name Poosh may sound a bit strange, but many fans have already pointed out that it’s reference to Kourtney’s daughter, Penelope, who she calls Poosh. While this makes sense, it still doesn’t give fans any insight into what Poosh is planning to launch.

Cleaner cosmetics

It’s believed that the brand may revolve around the use of ‘clean’, safe ingredients only in their products as Kourtney has been involved in campaigning for better regulation of ingredients that can be harmful within the cosmetics industry. In 2018 she worked with the Environmental Working Group, an activist organization, and went to congress as part of their campaign, known as #BeautyMadeBetter.

Current American laws surrounding cosmetics ingredients and safety haven’t been updated in 80 years, despite the industry looking vastly different to what it did back then. The campaign aimed to bring in legislation for the FDA to review five chemical ingredients per year that are currently used and give them the power to recall beauty products if they feel they’re not safe. Kourtney also called for “Congress to do its job”, wanting to give everybody “healthy products”.

Instagram success

It seems that fans of the Kardashians are more than ready to support Poosh. The brand’s Instagram page started to post images last week, including the bathroom photo of Kourtney and another photo of her working from home, which says “this isn’t a monologue, it’s a dialogue”. The page has already hit 2.3 million followers, despite people not really know what they’re following, along with the hashtag #pooshtheboundaries going strong. It seems that as soon as the brand actually tells people what they’re going to be selling or what the website is going to be about that even more people will be on board, as with many of the other Kardashian business ventures that have resulted in success.

The Kardashian’s are well known for their business ventures, particularly into the beauty industry, so it seems likely that Poosh will be a similar business. The best way to get the scoop appears to be by joining the mailing list through the website, as well as following the brand on social media. Until then, fans will just have to keep guessing.