Kim Kardashian recently delighted fans by revealing that she is a big fan of Cetaphil’s skin care range, which costs less than $15 per product. But Kim has now revealed that she would love to create her own range of skin care products. Speaking to Fashionista magazine, Kim confessed that she loves trying out new skin care products. And with her radiant complexion and age-defying skin, Kim’s very own range is sure to go down a treat with her fans across the world, if she does go ahead with her plans.

Kim’s love for skin care

Kim is a regular feature in magazines and landed her 7th Vogue magazine cover earlier this year. Meanwhile, images of her are frequently found on the net and on television. As she never knows when she will be photographed or called upon for a photo shoot, it’s crucial that Kim adopts an effective skin care routine which keeps her glowing all day long. As a result, both Kim’s job and her age have nurtured her love for good skin care. In the interview with Fashionista, the reality TV star confessed that “I really would love to do skin care. I’m so particular, especially now that I’m in my late 30s and I try every single anti-aging product on the planet, I go to every facial. I’ll try everything. So it’s definitely something that I want to do and I hope to do in the future.”

The next step

In June 2017, Kim launched her own makeup brand, KKW, with great success. The 300,000 piece line sold out in less than three hours and made the starlet an estimated $14.4 million. And with a top-selling makeup range under her belt, it’s only natural to venture into the skin care industry. After all, you can’t apply or take off makeup without following a strict skin care routine which involves, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Therefore, to streamline her fans’ skin care and beauty regimes, and to boost her business portfolio, a skin care based business would be the next logical step for Kim.


Giving fans a glimpse of her skin care routine

Earlier this year, Kim revealed her intensive skin care routine online. Despite her recently pledging her alliances to budget brand Cetaphil, her extensive list failed to include Cetaphil and instead featured 17 products which cost a total of $4,500. Serum, cleanser, exfoliators, oils, eye cream, and neck cream all feature in Kim’s beauty regime, with multiple serums particularly favored by the entrepreneur. Therefore, it’s very likely that that should Kim plow ahead with her skin care range plans that these products will all be part of the line.

Kim Kardashian clearly loves utilizing skin care products and she’s always happy to share her beauty secrets with her army of fans. With a thriving makeup business already to her name, a Kim Kardashian skincare range is just what beauty addicts and her followers need to achieve great looking skin.