Nicole Scherzinger, 41, sent the X Factor audience wild in a PVC bikini and sheer bodysuit as she joins her girl group to debut their single ‘React’ in the British talent show ahead of their 2020 Unfinished Business reunion tour.

The group, clad in very daring and revealing outfits performed some of their hit medleys on the X Factor stage in a sensational, albeit, controversial piece.

Their first performance after they went their separate ways in 2010 sparked 419 complaints in Ofcom from viewers who were not impressed with their ‘raunchy’ costumes and dance moves.

Although many argued that their performance is not fit for a primetime television show, many can’t help but gush and wonder about the secret behind Nicole’s stunning face and figure that makes her look at least ten years younger than her 41 years, possibly thanks to a first aid beauty review.

Soul Cycle and Viking Method

In an article with Women’s Health, Nicole lists some of her favorite work out regimens that keep her extremely fit.

“In a typical workout, I would run on the treadmill maybe 20 minutes, then try to do some squats, some sit-ups on the exercise ball, some yoga stretches.

Although when I’m home, I like to take a spinning class called Soul Cycle, or I want to do hot yoga – a modified version of Bikram yoga – or hiking, and core power yoga in LA.”

In the UK, Nicole is also a big fan of Viking Method trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir. “I love Svava’s technique. With me, she does a combination of her functional training, martial arts, and ballet isolation exercises. In all my years of training, the Viking Method is unlike anything I have ever done.” Remember, there’s more to a great body than just skin care products!

Four-hour hikes and a not-so strict diet

After falling ‘ill’ from filming the X-Factor last year, she traveled to a health retreat in Malibu where she went for demanding and “very disciplined” four-hour hikes. “I swear those mountains just kept growing every time I got to the top or turned a corner,” Nicole joked.

Even though she is very disciplined about her workout regimen, she is not afraid to indulge in her favorite foods.
“When I’m going to indulge, I love pasta, pizza, I love Mexican with lots of cheese. I love French fries, or crisps – salt and vinegar crisps. In terms of snacks: almonds, coconut water, bits of coconut, baby carrots.”

She admitted that she has a very sweet tooth and has a soft spot for desserts and chocolates but also believes that chips and cheese are binge-worthy foods. “You have your days where you have your fish and chips,” she tells Netdoctor. “You want your Sunday roast with extra gravy – go for it on that Sunday!”

The secret, she believes, is finding a balance in your meals and eating in moderation. “I believe in being healthy and having a healthy appetite. I love to eat all my meals,” she says. When she’s not on a ‘cheat day,’ she feasts on nutritious foods: soft-boiled eggs, toast, and smoked salmon for breakfast; cold cuts, veggies, and fruit for lunch; and chicken or fish with rice and veg for dinner. Most other celebrities agree, even the best skincare products in the world are no replacement for fundamentals!

Coconut oil and $1,400 blood moisturizers

The singer’s glowing and younger-looking skin exudes an effortless glamour that she rocks well, but Nicole says she avoids the sort of fad trends that are loved by fellow celebs like the Kardashians.

“I wash my face in the morning and use lots of moisturizers. Then at night, I wash again, use toner, serum, and eye cream. I have very sensitive skin, so I tend to stick to what works for me. I always drink a lot of water and stay hydrated,” she confides when asked about her beauty routine.

She is also very loyal to coconut oil, which is a staple in her skincare. “It can be used for almost everything. There are hundreds of uses for it. Google it: you’ll thank me later.” Although her skincare products seem very regular, her skincare budget stretches into the thousands – her most jaw-dropping purchase being a $1,400 Barbara Sturm moisturizer made with her BLOOD.

‘This is my moisturizer, which they took my blood and created,” she explains in a YouTube tour of her bathroom. “It’s not bloody or anything,’ she says, insisting it keeps you looking ‘youthful.’

A boob job and surgery rumors

Even Nicole, with her fantastic figure and glamorous face, is not exempt from cosmetic surgery gossips that are common among celebrities.

Rumors about how she had gone “under the knife” to enhance her natural beauty are aplenty. Although Nicole has consistently denied ever having plastic surgery, or even using Botox, the idea had continued to circulate. Commentators have also suggested that she’s had several procedures including a boob job, rhinoplasty to slim down her nose and lip fillers to plump up her pout.

She insists her fresh-face is down to lots of sleep and drinking copious amounts of water, at least two liters per day. Nicole’s spokesperson also tried to dispel the boob job rumor by saying that “Nicole is lucky to be blessed with amazing genes and is just getting hotter as she gets older.”

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Nicole Scherzinger’s Battle with bulimia

This healthier and more confident version of Nicole has not always been the case. She struggled with her poor body image and unhealthy weight obsession even during the height of the Pussycat Dolls’ fame.

In the August 2014 issue of British Cosmopolitan, she opened up about her private “paralyzing” struggle with bulimia in her 20s that went on for eight years until a life-changing event on one of her tours forced her to face her problems.

“I had started losing my voice, I couldn’t sing at shows, and then I remember my manager finding me passed out on the floor in Malta or the south of France,” she says. “I thought, ‘I’m going to lose everything I love if I don’t love myself.’” She had come far from that insecure and broken woman and had been speaking out about her painful history to show others with a similar struggle that there is light on the other side.

Love and Acceptance

Nicole says that despite all her skincare, diets, and workout routines, the best advice she has ever received was living and accepting herself.

“Love and accept yourself. Get lots of sleep – sleep really makes such a huge difference. Drink lots of water. Don’t deprive yourself of anything because eventually, you’ll crave it, and then you might binge on it. Everything in moderation.”