Despite the American salon and spa industry booming, an increasing number of women simply do not have the time or energy to visit a local facility to have their beauty requirements seen to. Cue the at-home beauty service that is fast becoming the go-to for women who prefer to have their beauty treatments at home. Being pampered in your own home is no longer only limited to the rich and famous who have their own beauty teams at their beck and call. Thanks to an increasing number of at-home beauty treatment providers it has become possible to simply pick up your phone and request the treatments you want done via a number of easy-to-use applications such as those originally offered by Uber and Doordash.

Can I really have my beauty treatments at home?

Companies such as Glamsquad, Priv, Soothe, and Vênsette are challenging conventional salons and spas in the USA by offering a range of quality, sought-after services, and treatment to clients in the comfort of their own homes. Glamsquad, for example, operates in NYC, LA, Washington DC, Boston, and the Bay area and offer services such as lash extensions, make-up lessons, manicures, massages, and blowouts. While most companies limit their mobile services to hairstyling, basic skin care, makeup application, nail services, and it is not unheard of to stumble across one that will take care of your teeth whitening, facial acupuncture, and derma-rolling at your own home.

A vitamin IV can boost your mental and physical well-being

While having your hair and nails done at your own home may not seem very out of the ordinary, receiving an IV treatment will definitely raise a few eyebrows. Maura Mundell, a former corporate lawyer, was permanently exhausted due to a demanding lifestyle after having no luck with conventional methods she visited an integrated-medicine practitioner who prescribed a course of high-potency vitamin IVs.

Within 6 months Mandell was feeling 100% better and as much as 20 years younger but found herself frustrated with how difficult it was to schedule regular appointments to receive vitamin IV drips. She eventually started researching how to start her own on-demand business and later co-founded StriveIV which offers as many as 15 preservative-free vitamin and mineral drips targeting various issues to homes in NYC, Westchester County, and certain areas in Connecticut.

Don’t forget to do your homework

As life-changing as in-home beauty services may be, it is always a good idea to do some research before parting with any money. There is a huge difference between getting a manicure and having Botox injected into your face. While it is possible to have both treatments done in the comfort of your own home, it might be best to not let just anyone stick needles in you. Prior to booking a home procedure check out the credentials of the various service providers, paying special attention to their licensing and safety precautions. Reading client reviews are also a good way to gauge whether a company truly delivers on all its promises. While there are many superb service providers there are, unfortunately, also a few fly-by-nights which are best avoided if you value your appearance and your health.

The world of skin care and beauty is evolving so fast that it is sometimes hard to stay abreast of the latest developments. Being able to enjoy beauty treatments at home is, however, one trend that is definitely worth exploring as it can not only save you time but keep you looking your best as well.