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Dr. Brandt is an innovative line of skincare products focused on delivering clinical-grade results at home. Coining the term “dermaceuticals,” Dr. Brandt skincare combines science and innovation with technologically novel delivery systems, resulting is modern, unique skincare products targeted to address specific concerns, like reducing wrinkles and minimizing pores. Dr. Brandt skincare focuses on delivering long lasting results at home, and employs a panel of industry experts including dermatologists, nutritionists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians to create and curate new skincare products. Those looking to reduce wrinkles can look to the brand’s retinol serum and sculpting cream. The company recently released its pore refiner line dedicated to clean pores and clear skin.

How Dr. Brandt Works:

Dr. Brandt Pore Refiner Primer

The Dr. Brandt Pore Refiner Primer is a product fit for anyone looking for a mattifying makeup base and pore minimizing primer in one step. Primers are a great option to extend the length of a makeup look over a long day and prevent shine and oil build up on the skin. This formula minimizes the look of pores and blurs imperfections. The pore refiner can be worn alone or under foundation and concealer to extend your makeup and prevent melt away in humid conditions.

To use, the company suggests applying the pore refiner after moisturizer in the morning. The product should be applied before makeup and can be reapplied over makeup to freshen your look throughout the day. Use the primer alone for a flawless no makeup finish, or add base and color cosmetics over top. The result will be a velvety smooth canvas free of oil and shine.

Dr. Brandt Sculpting Cream

This sculpting cream is targeted for your neck and decollete area. If you are looking to delay the signs of aging and address fine lines and sagging skin, this cream promises a non-surgical option to reverse that double chin and tighten the neck and jaw area. The cream is designed to be applied using a Gua Sha tool, a technique seen in traditional Eastern Chinese medicine. The combination of the application technique with the potent rejuvenation formula promises to reduce volume under the chin and sculpt the jawline for a youthful appearance.

With this product, be sure to apply every day using the specified Gua Sha application tool. The cream should be applied to the target area in an upward motion and massaged into the skin using the Gua Sha tool in upward strokes. Massage any excess cream into the skin and be sure to use every day to see long lasting and dramatic improvements.

Dr. Brandt Retinol Serum

The brand’s 2% retinol serum is a concentrated complex featuring a time-released retinol delivery to improve skin texture and tone, soften wrinkles and fine lines, and counteract dullness and uneven skin tone. The fragrance-free serum is lightweight and can be used daily for best results. To use, apply to a clean face prior to moisturizing. Be sure to use SPF every day when using this product as retinol can impact the skin’s sensitivity to harsh UV rays from sunlight. For those with very sensitive skin, limit use to three times per week until skin adapts to the retinol serum.

What Makes Dr. Brandt Unique?

The company’s unique value is in its combination of science, delivery systems, and ingredient innovation. Committed to providing clinical-grade results in the comfort of your own home, the brand is constantly testing and creating new products with the help of a storied panel of experts. Led by dermatologists, estheticians, surgeons, and the like, the company has long been a leader in pushing the boundaries of cosmetic dermatology. The brand strives to provide long lasting results at an accessible price point without having to go under the knife.

What We Like

  • The pore refiner absorbs oil and mattifies skin for a smooth finish
  • The sculpting cream is fragrance free and can be used by all skin types
  • The retinol serum results are clinically proven and lab tested
  • At 2%, the retinol percentage is high enough to make a significant impact on skin tone and texture

What Could Be Better

  • Some users experienced some pilling under certain makeup
  • Customers would like to see the pore refiner offered in a larger size
  • The inclusion of some essential oils like lavender could be problematic for users with reactive or sensitive skin
  • The retinol serum leaves a yellow cast on some users which can transfer to linens and stain

Dr. Brandt Cost

Most Dr. Brandt products are accessible to the majority of consumers looking for high-quality skincare at a reasonable value. Most products are under $100, with many under $50. Compared to other mid-range cosmeceutical brands, Dr. Brandt is priced reasonably and competitively.

At $45 for one ounce, the Dr. Brandt pore refiner primer is a good value for a multi-use product. Users do not need much product for application, and can get several months of use out of one tube. In addition, the value of getting two products in one adds to the economy of this item.

The Dr. Brandt Sculpting Cream is a bit more of an investment at $95, but provides the most dramatic results to consumers. The Gua Sha application tool is included in the purchase of this cream, and so the user gets both items for one price. Given the dramatic results claimed by the brand and the users, this product is well-priced and arguably a steal compared to cosmetic procedures.

The brand’s retinol serum is competitively priced at $69 for one ounce. This is the about the same range for comparable brands, if not slightly less expensive. Users only need to use a small amount, so this product lasts for several months with daily use and therefore is a great value for those looking for significant results at an affordable price point.

Dr. Brandt Reviews

Overall, consumers trust this company to provide high quality skincare products and clinical results. Online reviewers often sing the praises of the brand’s serums, creams, and primers. One customer claimed “It’s well formulated with great ingredients that work for and with your skin. I love it for the natural ingredients that sink into the skin and does what it claims to do. It’s a wonderful skincare product, no matter what type of skin you have.” Another reviewer writes that she has “never found something from this brand that I’m not in love with!”

On the negative side, some consumers had issues with the company’s customer service. One reviewer cited issues with reaching the customer service line and voiced frustration at the cost of the products compared to the quality of service. Another consumer complained of a challenging return policy and procedure, claiming “returning items are very difficult…customer service (via email) tells me they issued my credit but my credit card company never received it yet.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions consumers ask about Dr. Brandt products:

How Long Does This Product Take To Work?

As with most skincare products claiming dramatic results, patience is a virtue when using this brand. Expect to see significant results from the serum and cream after 4 to 6 weeks of daily use. The pore refiner will provide immediate results in blurring imperfections and minimizing the look of pores.

How Often Should I Use This Product?

The pore refiner can be used every day, under, over, or in place of makeup. Use the retinol serum once daily, or three times a week to start until your skin adapts to the retinol. The sculpting cream should be used with the application tool twice daily for dramatic sculpting and toning of the chin, neck, and jaw area.

Is The Company Cruelty Free?

Dr. Brandt Skincare is not cruelty-free. Their products are tested on animals in countries that require animal testing, like Mainland China. The brand, however, is committed ethically to not testing of animals unless required by the governmental organization.

Are Dr. Brandt Products Non-Comedogenic?

The products are not designed to be pore clogging and the company offers and oil-free line for those prone to oily skin. The brand provides the following explanation on their website regarding this question:

“These formulas are created with a synergy of actives and botanicals to provide the clarity your skin needs without the dryness and irritation that can oftentimes be the unfortunate result of using some products for oily and acne prone skin.

The pores no more® product lines contain Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy which goes through pores dissolving dirt, oil, makeup and debris and draws it out to the skin’s surface to be sloughed off. This action clears pores, eliminating any clogging. If you have a high tendency to develop clogged pores but need a moisturizer, we do offer an “oil-free” moisturizer in this line.”

Company History

The company was founded by cancer researcher and dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt. Dr. Brandt was a leader in discovering and developing antioxidants that could fight free-radical damage, and the forthcoming skincare line centered on his research. He was an innovator in cosmetic dermatology, being the first to include green tea in formulations, now known as a powerful ingredient in skin care and anti-aging. Brandt’s dedication to creating clinical solutions for at home delivery that offered real results was the catalyst for the creation of his eponymous skincare line. Dr. Brandt gained a reputation for utilizing cutting edge technology in his procedures and products, and soon had a cult following of celebrities, fashion insiders, and colleagues. With the launch of at home treatments that mimicked office procedures like microdermabrasion, Dr. Brandt Skincare became synonymous with cutting edge cosmetic dermatological solutions.

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