Face powder in panda palettes, lip balm in honeypots, and pet magic sheet masks: Korean skin care is taking the world by storm. The phenomenon has turned avid skin care users towards their goals of achieving glowing skin with the help of ultra-hydrating essences, moisturizing sunscreens, and the piles of sheet masks for weeks on end. There is another major skin care product with endless benefits but often goes unnoticed: ampoules.

Dubbed as the super ingredient to skin care by K-beauty experts, only a few of us fully comprehend the lasting advantages that ampoules bring. To put it simply, ampoules are intense versions of essences or serums. They are formulated with high levels of active ingredients such as botanical extract, which can help boost and rejuvenate the skin, even during the harsh cold weather. In fact, the best ampoules leave out all the basic ingredients like emollients, emulsifiers or fillers, and stick to the main element of the product.

Adding Ampoules Into Your Skin Care Routine

Aside from concentrated levels of ingredients, ampoules have similar consistencies to serums. However, they are lightweight and non-greasy. Ampoules are concentrated treatments that help treat dull skin, fine lines, rough textures and induce a natural glow. This means they work great on all skin types and come in a variety of sizes for one-time use or special treatment programs.

Most avid users incorporate ampoules into their routine by:

  • Tackling an issue and applying the ampoule directly to your target through a 1-2 week process.
  • Using capsules to incorporate them into your skincare or makeup routine every three days.

*Keep in mind, you don’t need to use an ampoule daily, as 2-3 times a week would be more than enough for quality results.*

Benefits of Ampoules

The benefits received from ampoules will depend on the quality of the ingredients you choose. Most ingredients found in ampoules are designed to tackle one or more of the major issues of aging, dry skin and the effects of pollution and other toxins. In a way, using specific ampoules will customize the entire routine based on your own special needs.

For instance, hyaluronic acid ampoule will boost hydration, while a collagen ampoule will replenish and repair damaged skin. A vitamin C ampoule will help fight harsh free radicals and defend your skin against them. Including ampoules into your routine requires at least two weeks to notice the effects. However, using ampoules regularly will induce long-term results.

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Using in Place of Serum

There’s no rule that says ampoules can’t be used as a serum, as both are designed to penetrate efficiently into the surface and deliver a concentrated dose of active ingredients. To gain the most benefits, prep the skin with a proper cleanser and toner that is right for the skin. Apply the ampoule and follow with a moisturizer to seal in the product.

Creating A Two-Week Skin Care Bootcamp

Ampoules are developed to give your skin care routine a much-needed boost. So, if you want to take it a step further, ampoules are a great way to get more actives into your skin before you add the serum. All you need is a few drops of your favorite ampoule, then, follow with your usual serum and moisturizer to lock in the ingredients. While the proper order of use can be confusing, an easy way to remember is to start from the lightest product and work your way towards heavier textures.

Addition to Your Day Cream

Not only do ampoules contain anti-aging ingredients, but most brands also have hydrating ingredients. Add a few drops into your day cream to elp boost the moisturizing effects on your skin. In addition, add two drops to your night cream, especially during the cold winter season. This will help ensure that you wake up with radiant skin the next day.

If you decide to give ampoules a try, there are plenty of options to choose from. Remember to start with the issue and results you want to achieve. After all, ampoules provide that extra lift for your overall skin care routine.