Jessica Rabbit is without a doubt one of the hottest cartoon characters in the history of animation. With her hourglass figure and pouty red lips, she has become the envy of women ( and the desire of men) all across the globe. Now the sexy toon has her own makeup line thanks to a collaboration with Ciaté London. The 3-piece limited edition makeup collection was first officially announced on the Ciaté Instagram page on 26 February this year via a video that shows Jessica singing and dancing, as well as a peek at the products themselves. The collection, which consists of an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter, and a lipstick dropped just more than a week later on 5 March.

Jessica who?

Jessica Rabbit is a long-legged, sultry-voiced fictional character in Gary K. Wolf ‘s mystery novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? as well as in its film adaptation, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?? Jessica is often depicted as Roger Rabbit’s human wife and has widely become known as a full-blown animated sex symbol. Apart from having a killer voice, Jessica’s makeup is also always spot-on, making her the perfect inspiration for makeup line.

You can never have too many eyeshadows

Every makeup buff will declare that you can never have too many eyeshadows in your makeup collection, especially not if it is as cool as the Jessica Rabbit offering. The 9-pan Jessica Rabbit palette consists of creamy and ultra-blendable matte and shimmery shadows in shades such as ‘Oh, Roger!’, ‘Drawn That Way’, and ‘Love Letter’. You can effortlessly mix and match the shades to not only recreate Ms Rabbit’s iconic look but an unlimited number of other dazzling looks as well.

Glow like a superstar

The champagne-colored highlighter, called ‘Glow-To’ renders an almost-weightless, durable finish while creating the illusion of killer cheekbones. The paraben-free, vegan highlighter can be applied to the entire face and neckline for an overall, natural glow, or layered for a more intense gleam. Not only is the highlighter of superb quality, but it is also embossed with Jessica’s face, adding a heap of whimsy to what is otherwise a rather boring piece of makeup.

Pout baby, pout!

It is impossible to pull off Jessica’s sultry pout without wearing a very impressive lipstick. Inspired by Jessica’s glittering dress, the ‘Glitter Storm’ lipstick is without a doubt the pièce de résistance of the collection. The ground-breaking lipstick combines star-like pigments with a fill color base to create a product that produces extensive shimmer and shine unlike anything else. For the best results, exfoliate your lips gently before applying the lipstick and apply a clear top coat to make it last all day (or night) long. The lipstick, as well as the eyeshadow and highlighter, is housed in beautiful packaging adorned with a picture of Jessica, making it the perfect gift for yourself or another Jessica Rabbit fan.

Whether you are a fan of Jessica Rabbit or not, you will definitely fall in love with her makeup range. Even if you have never been blown away by a toon’s ability to ooze sensuality chances are good that you too could benefit from having a bit more shimmer and shine in your life.