During the latter half of 2017, Asian-American beauty guru Ellie Choi achieved social media fame when she revealed all the steps of her beauty regime that left her skin looking clear, luminous, and almost transparent – just like glass. Korean skincare products and routines have been taking the world by storm for many years, with the glass skin trend inspiring countless women to try their utmost to achieve flawless skin. While the end results sure looks remarkable, one can’t help but wonder if this trend is able to live up to its hype or if it is simply another desperate attempt at obtaining unachievable beauty.

What exactly is the glass skin routine?

If you want to achieve glass skin, you need to follow certain steps that will leave your skin smooth, even-toned, and positively lustrous-looking. The biggest difference between this Korean beauty trend and its Western counterparts is the fact that it does not make use of any astringents. Instead, it rather relies on numerous hydrating ingredients that keep your skin well moisturized while also maintaining a healthy pH balance. In order to get the most out of your skincare routine, you need to aim to use products that are not only lightweight and hydrating but as natural as possible and filled with powerful antioxidants as well.

The glass skin routine

Achieving glass skin requires a multi-dimensional approach that will render the surface of the skin ultra-smooth while, beneath the surface, a significant amount of moisture helps to create a fresh, dewy appearance. The first step of the regime requires you to remove all traces of your makeup before applying a toner that will help relax your pores after cleansing. After toning, a skin essence will be applied before you bring out the big guns – your serum and moisturizer. The serum will plump up your skin and remove fine lines, while slathering on a lot of quality moisturizer will ensure your skin should appear youthful, radiant, and practically flawless.

The fun does not stop here

After you have achieved the desired glassy look, you can opt to remain au naturel or complete your look with a foundation and highlighting lotion. Choose a gel-based foundation that is light and has an illuminating effect, and steer clear of anything that promises a matte finish, as it will counter the glassy look you worked so hard for. A highlighting lotion can further enhance your skin’s natural glow, and will be the final step in the routine before you apply your makeup as normal.

But does it work?

As with any trend, there are a lot of very contradicting opinions pertaining to the viability of glass skin. While there is no denying that the routine can become pretty tedious, you can guarantee to achieve the best possible results by making use of high-quality products and engaging in the routine on a regular basis. You can also boost the efficacy of a glass skin regime even more by drinking plenty of water, following a healthy diet filled with fruit and vegetables, and steering clear of bad habits such as smoking and drinking as far as possible.

The glass skin trend, like most others, seemingly works wonders for some, while others remain completely unaffected by the rigorous skincare routine. Whether you religiously follow trends or not, taking care of your skin will, thankfully, never be in vain.