Kylie Jenner may be the world’s youngest billionaire but she is not immune to being ripped apart by savage social media users. Kylie’s current dilemma all started when she announced the launch of her new skincare range known as Kylie Skin which contains numerous skin-care basics such as a vitamin C serum and foaming face wash. The item that caused the public outcry is none other than a Walnut Face Scrub – a controversial product that has been known to cause micro-tears on the skin when used too vigorously. Some of Kylie’s followers even went on to say that she is trying to sell products that she will never use herself as she had access to the most expensive skincare ranges in the world. If that was not bad enough, Ms Jenner went on to make a video that trended for all the wrong reasons.

How waterproof was that foundation?

The offending video clip that was posted on the Twitter and Instagram accounts belonging to Kylie Skin showed Kylie washing her face with her Foaming Face Wash before wiping it with a fluffy snow-white towel. While all of this may seem pretty genuine, viewers were quick to point out that a huge amount of facial foundation was left on the towel. The product used in the video claims to “cleanse skin while helping to remove dirt, oil, and makeup for a fresh, bright complexion” – something it clearly battles to achieve. As was expected, Twitter showed absolutely no mercy when it came to calling out the superstar with some comments reading “This how you wash your face when you can buy new skin,” and “Imagine buying face wash from someone who doesn’t even know how to wash their face properly”.

Things are bad when your own sister mocks you

Shortly after Kylie’s video flopped, her sister Kim Kardashian decided to make her own version of the video. Kim posted an Instagram story that stated that she got hold of Kylie’s phone and started to mimic her in a playful manner. At one point she says: “I am going to teach you guys how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face, and b——, I only have 10 seconds.” She later activates a funny youthful face filter before saying: “Alright so after that 10-second face wash tutorial, this is now what I look like. I have such a youthful complexion now.” At the end of the video, Kylie can be heard screaming at her sister, accusing her of being mean.

But how long should you then wash your face?

Unless the product you are using states otherwise you should aim to wash your face for approximately 30 seconds. Exfoliating, however, may take up to a minute while an exfoliate/wash/tone combo can take in the region of two minutes. According to Dr. Howard Sobel, a NYC-based dermatologist suggests that oil cleansing should take place before you wash your face to remove makeup and other impurities from the skin. This is some good advice that Kylie should also consider following if she does not want to embarrass herself in front of her millions of followers again.

If you’re a celeb like Kylie Jenner, you best make sure you know what you are doing before making a video and making a fool of yourself. That said, despite what was perceived to be ‘bad publicity’, the Foaming Face Wash used in the video sold out on the range’s website shortly after the video went viral.